Ahmadiyya commemorated international women’s day centenary by organising a “Seminar about Women”

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta organised a historic event titled “Seminar about women”, in commemoration of “International Women’s Day Centenary 1911-2011”; on Friday 17thJune at the Waterfront Hotel Gzira, Malta.

In this respectful gathering Mrs. Catherine Gonzi, the spouse of the Prime Minister of Malta and Mrs. Michelle Muscat, the spouse of the Leader of the Opposition of Malta also delivered their talks together with other speakers. Mrs. Nadya Anne Mangion, the vice president of the National Women’s Council Malta, introduced the council and also shared the work and services of the council. Rev. Lawrence Attard, delivered his talk on the topic of “Women in Christianity”.

“Women in Islam” was the topic of the presentation of Imam Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta. In his presentation he addressed the situation of women before the advent of Islam, and then showed the beautiful teachings of Islam about the dignity and honour of women. Through Verses of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, he spoke about the role of women as wives, daughters and mothers. He concluded his speech with the message of:

“The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, as moderate and the most dynamic denomination of Islam in modern history, immensely believes in respect for women, and continues to advocate for the equality, education, and empowerment of women.”

In this programme more than fifty people from different denominations and backgrounds participated, spouses of four Members of Parliament also attended the event; and press gave coverage to this event. Find original post: 

Maltreatment of women ‘misinterpretation’ of Islam

The treatment of women in “so-called Islamic states” is not according to the spirit of Islam, the president of the Ahmadiyya Mulslim Jamaat in Malta said today.

Speaking in a seminar organised by the Islamic denomination to commemorate 100 years of Women’s Day, Laiq Ahmed Atif said that Islam favoured equality between both sexes and that the subjugation and cruelty to some women in the Arab world was “a misrepresentation of Islam”. Find details reported in The Times:

About Laiq Ahmed Atif

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