Woman who lives on in people’s hearts

Source/Credit: The Times of Malta: Thursday, July 28, 2011 , by 
Laiq Ahmed Atif, president, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta, Ta’ Xbiex

Death is as real as life and death is an integral part of life. The life of a human being is limited on this earth and everyone has to leave this world to join the hereafter. It is true that death physically separates a person from its dear and loved ones but those who live in hearts cannot ever be separated from them.

Mary Fenech Adami, a great person, highly respected and loved, was a real example of this, because she was a person who lived and no doubt lives in the hearts of thousands.

The former First Lady lived her life with great determination, passion for serving others, feeling others’ pain and helping the needy. She dealt perfectly with her public as well as family life.

She brought up five children, giving them all the attention they needed, and at the same time meeting with people, asking about their problems, offering them help and support, listening to the ordinary people and giving them proper attention. She was a courageous and strong person. She was an example of honour and dignity for the country. She was a woman Malta should be proud of.

A few months ago I read the news about a head of state who went to the US with his delegation to demand aid and help for the country as the country was suffering from a bad economy. But I was astonished to read that the rent of the hotel he was staying at was $5,000 a night.

Isn’t it very strange? Begging for help and staying in such a luxurious hotel!?

What a great and positive example we have in the shape of Mrs Fenech Adami. Peppi Azzopardi wrote that when she went to visit Maltese patients in the UK, she instructed staff to keep expenses to a minimum: “Mrs Fenech Adami, sitting on a bench in the centre of London, making sandwiches for us to eat. When I saw passers-by looking at us, I said to myself: ‘They would never believe that she is Malta’s First Lady’!” Because of deeds such as this she will live forever in the hearts of people.

She was a great but humble lady, who was loved by all. Her death is a great loss to this country.

We want to show our sincerest condolences to President Emeritus Eddie Fenech Adami, her son Beppe Fenech Adami, member of Parliament, her daughter, sons and her friends and to all her dear ones. May God bless them with the strength to deal with this tragedy.

We pray that her beautiful soul will rest in peace forever and may God bless her with His everlasting love and pleasure. Amen.

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