Il-Festi t-Tajba!

Il-Festi t-Tajba! tawguralek u lil familtek il-Festi t-Tajba! Happy Festivals. کل عام و انتم بخیر


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Muslims express extreme love for Jesus and Mother Mary

The world is full of life and human beings are the best of creation. It is also natural that every life will end one day as the Holy Quran very rightly mentions:

Every soul shall taste of death. (Al Quran 3:186)

But some people remain alive after their death and they live in the hearts of millions of people for thousands of years; they rule on minds and hearts’ of millions of people. The world had seen such influential and remarkable people throughout the human history, but some left unforgettable, impressive and extraordinary remarks on the hearts and memories of people.

Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Mohammad (peace be upon them all) were among the most influential and extraordinary people of the human history. They gave so much, through out their lives, for the good of mankind.

With the start of December, every year, streets and homes are decorated with colorful lights and designs, and everywhere you can see the colors and trees of Christmas.

Many Companies prepare year long for shopping spree during the holidays.  With celebrations in the air, People rush to markets in December, for their shopping, to select gifts for their family, friends and loved ones. Markets become filled with people and public is offered with variety of goods to shop.

During Christmas time, many people ask, do Muslims celebrate Christmas?

The simple answer, which almost every Muslim tries to give, is that, Muslims do not celebrate Christmas like Christians do.

However, Muslims do cherish the message, and benefit from the teachings and character of the Jesus Christ, may peace be on him. And Muslims hold great love, respect and honor not only for Jesus but also for his mother, remembering mother Mary as a role model for them, as described in the Holy Quran.

Jesus in the Holy Quran:

One can assess the importance of this by the fact that the Holy Quran, the Divine Book for the Muslims, has mentioned the name of Jesus Christ nearly 25 times and also mentioned his mother the Holy Mary for couple of times, in different chapters of the Holy Quran. The Quran makes it obligatory for the Muslims to believe in all the prophets and messengers of God, including Jesus.

There is no denying the fact that the Holy Quran makes it incumbent on every Muslim to believe in all the prophets, but as Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the IV Caliph of the Promised Messiah, peace be with him, beautifully says:

When he speaks of Jesus Christ or Moses or Krishna or Buddha with veneration and love, he does so because he has no other option. It is a part of the fundamental article of his faith to extend not just a human courtesy, but to genuinely believe in their truth and honor. In the light of this, this article of faith appears to hold an importance of global scale. It establishes inter- religious peace and harmony and genuinely creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and love. Like the Unity of God it holds the intrinsic quality of being irreplaceable — there is no alternative.  (An Elementary Study of Islam, P: 23)

The Holy Quran states:

Say ye: ‘We believe in Allah and what has been revealed to us, and what was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob and his children, and what was given to Moses and Jesus, and what was given to all other Prophets from their Lord. We make no difference between any of them; and to Him we submit ourselves.’ (Al Quran 2:137)

And We gave Jesus, son of Mary, clear proofs and strengthened him with the Spirit of holiness.  (Al Quran 2:254 / 2:88)

When the angels said, ‘O Mary, Allah gives thee glad tidings of a word from Him; his name shall be the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, honored in this world and in the next, and of those who are granted nearness to God;   ‘And he shall speak to the people in the cradle and when of middle age, and he shall be of the righteous.’ (Al Quran 3:46-47)

Mother Mary in the Holy Quran:

The Holy Quran extended great honor and respect to Mary, to such a high extent that God has named an entire chapter of the Holy Quran by her name, ‘Sura Maryam’, and Maryam is an Arabic name for Mary. The Holy Quran has given a great status to Mary and refutes all the charges raised against her, and says that the mother of Jesus was righteous woman and that Satan had no share in his birth. The Holy Quran states:

And remember when the angels said, ‘O Mary, Allah has chosen thee and purified thee and chosen thee above the women of all peoples.’ (Al Quran  3:43)

And his mother was a truthful woman. (Al Quran 5:76)

The Holy Quran bears constant testimony about chastity and noble character of mother Mary and condemns the Jews, when they accuse mother Mary:

And because of their (Jews) disbelief and their uttering against Mary a grievous calumny. (Al Quran 4:157)

Furthermore, the Holy Quran pays such great tribute to Mary, that it gives two examples for the Muslim believers, both men and women, as role model, wife of Pharaoh and mother Mary – the mother of Jesus. The Holy Quran says:

And Allah sets forth for those who believe the example of the wife of Pharaoh when she said, ‘My Lord! Build for me a house with Thee in the Garden; and deliver me from Pharaoh and his work, and deliver me from the wrongdoing people;’ And the example of Mary, the daughter of ‘Imran, who guarded her private parts — so We breathed into him (Jesus) of Our Spirit — and she fulfilled in her person the words of her Lord and His Books and was one of the obedient. (Al Quran 66:12-13)

Mary, the mother of Jesus, represents those righteous servants and believers of God, Muslims, who having given up all sin and having made peace with God, are blessed with Divine inspiration.

I believe that, this is a true manifestation of love with Jesus and Mary to exhibit through our deeds the noble character and example they have set forth for us, and to live a pure, pious, righteous and virtuous life, striving in the way of God the Almighty.

We hold great respect and affection for Jesus and Marry in our hearts. We wish “Merry Christmas” to all our Christian brothers and sisters.

Additionally, we wish a wonderful year of 2017, full of blessings, peace, prosperity, health and happiness;  and of peace and blessings of Allah, for the entire humanity. Amen

By Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Malta 

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Why more people turn to drugs?

mirage-1From the Archives: Source/Credit: The Times of Malta, Wednesday, October 6, 2010, by Laiq Ahmed Atif

In the contemporary world, man, as a whole, has reached a high standard of achievement in material progress. Human society, no doubt, is benefiting from the fruits of today’s scientific progress. The rays of this progress have reached far and enlightened the darkest areas of the world. Nevertheless, man is not happy and content. Moreover, the world of today is riddled with a large number of problems.

Drug misuse is a massive problem facing the world today. Children are losing their lives, dreams and future to drugs. Countless homes have been wrecked and drug-related crimes are destroying families and ruining the social fabric of communities.

A recent study in the UK shows that parents worry more about their children taking drugs than possessing knives or guns. Four in 10 parents said drug use is their biggest fear for their youngsters, 10 times as many as those who say they are concerned about their children carrying weapons (4.7 per cent).

Governments are spending big amounts of money in tackling drug misuse and fighting the war on drugs.

But, they do not seem to be winning this fighting because, worryingly, the number of people turning to drugs is dramatically rising. The fact is that the demand for illicit drugs has risen and is rising sharply. More and more people than ever before are taking drugs.

The question arises: Why are people increasingly turning to drugs?

According to various drug-related studies, people normally take drugs for one of the following reasons: deprivation and unemployment, emotional and physical abuse, trauma, pain, stress, boredom, peer pressure, curiosity, wanting to experiment with something new, addiction and the easy availability and cheap price of certain drugs. And the prevailing economic depression is another contributory factor for more people to turn to drugs and gambling and, thus, lead to further crime in society.

While the above explanations may all be valid, what they illustrate is that many people use drugs because there is a void in their lives. A person encountering problems, stress, trauma or even abuse in life turns to drugs as a type of escape boat, something to remove one’s anxieties and depression.

Drugs provide a kind of temporary life raft, a relaxing and pleasurable “trip” to run away from the harsh realities of life. In times of need, a person may turn to drugs as a remedy for one’s ailments.

But, in reality, all the above reasons in favour of drugs are like a mirage in a desert, where the thirsty one thinks there is water until, when he comes to it, he finds it to be just an illusion. Drug addicts also think that drugs could quench their thirst but drugs are no more than a mirage in a desert.

If we ponder over the problem, we find that man is lacking trust and faith in God and when there is no trust in God then man tries to find relaxation through the drugs. Unfortunately, the reality is that, even in drugs, man does not find either solace or satisfaction.

What leads one to be happy and to find satisfaction and lasting peace of mind?

The Almighty God says: Aye! It is in the remembrance of Allah that hearts can find comfort. Oh, you the restless society, oh, you the restless world know for certain that true tranquillity, true peace of mind is in the remembrance of God and is in the relationship with God.

This is a great and extremely natural truth. The more the people of the world seek the paltry goods of this life, the greater becomes the hunger and the consequent burning of their hearts.

But those who seek God, the more they turn to Him, the greater is their peace of mind. This shows that the search for God is the innermost yearning of human nature and the real goal of man’s life. When that goal is attained man begins to enjoy perfect peace of mind for then he rests, as it were, in the very lap of the all knowing and all powerful God, maker and controller of the universe. If only the people of the world would realise this great secret of happiness!

Drug addiction does not only ruin someone’s life but it also ruins children, families and societies. And, moreover, it becomes a social and international crime, which disrupts all society.

Drugs cause hatred and enmity among people, leading to murder, violence, immoral behaviour etc. and, finally, pushing man away from the Creator.

Drugs cause mental and physical damage, are the cause of many crimes and lead to addiction and serious health issues.

Instead, one ought to establish a close relationship with God, ask for His mercy, seek His help to fulfil every desire and look for inspiration from Him alone. God, the Creator of the universe and everything in it, can surely remove all the depression, misery and suffering.

May God save the world from the threat of the misuse of drugs and may the world become a place of lasting peace. Read original article in The Times of Malta: The author is president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta.

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Ahmadiyya Muslims help Dar tal-Providenza – home for persons with disabilities

Mr Laiq Ahmed Atif, President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Malta, presented gift hampers to residents of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, at the time of festivals. Frankie Bonello and Gabriella Galea received the hampers on behalf of the residents.

Present for the occasion was Dr Justyne Caruana, Parliamentary Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing. Fr Martin Micallef, Director of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, thanked Mr Laiq Ahmed Atif on behalf of the residents for his nice gesture of solidarity.

For further information:   –  Il-Musulmani f’Malta jgħinu lid-Dar tal-Providenza  – Dar tal-Providenza.

mr-laiq-ahmed-atif-presenting-hampers-to-the-residents-of-id-dar-tal-providenzaahmadiyya-malta-at-dar-tal-providenza laiq-ahmed-atif-meeting-with-resident-at-dar-tal-providenza

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Celebrating festivals with society

img_0004The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta in collaboration with the Gzira Local Council celebrated the festive season together with the local community including elderly, people with special needs and children from Gzira St Clare Primary School, on 9th December 2016.

The Mayor of Gzira, Mr. Conrad Borg Manche’ and Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Community Malta, together presented gift hampers to those attended the event.

The Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community always emphasised on serving and showing compassion to fellow human beings. He writes:

“That religion is no religion that does not inculcate sympathy, nor does that man deserve to be called a man who does not have sympathy in him… If you are an elder, be kind to the younger ones and do not belittle them. If you are rich, serve the poor but do not treat them with pride and disdain. If you wish God to be pleased with you, then be like two brothers born of one mother.”

“The principle to which we adhere is that we have kindness at heart for the whole of mankind. If anyone sees the house of a Hindu neighbour on fire and does not come forward to help extinguish the fire, most truly I declare that he does not belong to me. If anyone of my followers, having seen someone attempting to murder a Christian does not endeavour to save him, I most truly declare that he does not belong to us.… I love mankind with the love that a compassionate mother has for her children; even more so.” FIND MORE:

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Nagħmlu il-festi memorabbli!

il-festiSource/Credit: It-Torca, Sunday December 18, 2016. By Laiq Ahmed Atif

F’dawn il-ġranet tal-festi, ħafna minna jkunu okkupati b’ħafna affarijiet fosthom fix-xiri tal-ħwejjeġ u r-rigali għall-familji, il-ħbieb u l-qraba, u bil-pjanijiet ta’ kif se jiċċelebraw iż-żmien tal-festi flimkien, bil-ferħ u l-kuntentizza.

Verament huwa importanti li niċċelebraw il-festi u nieħdu gost, imma, jekk irridu nagħmlu dawn il-festi verament memorabbli, pjaċevoli u sodisfatti, huwa importanti li ma ninsewx lil dawk ħutna li huma inqas ixxurtjati fis-soċjetà tagħna u lil dawk l-anzjani li jgħixu fid-djar tax-xjuħ u mhux mal-familji tagħhom.

Għax, dawn in-nies li jgħixu fid-djar tax-xjuħ, aktarx ma għandhom lil ħadd madwarhom jgħid kelmtejn. Ħafna drabi l-anzjani jħossuhom solitarji u speċjalment f’dan iż-żmien ta’ ċelebrazzjonijiet. Xi drabi tmur għandhom u tgħid ftit kliem ħanin u sabiħ u tara t-tbissima u d-dawl tal-ferħ fuq wiċċhom. Xi drabi tilmaħ il-ferħ fit-tbissima tagħhom.

Għalhekk huwa ferm importanti li nersqu lejhom, nitkellmu magħhom, naqsmu xi mumenti fil-preżenza tagħhom u nippreżentawlhom xi rigali għall-festi. U għal dan ma għandniex il-bżonn tal-miljuni, imma għandna l-bżonn biss il-ftit tal-imħabba u s-simpatija għalihom f’qalbna. Jien ċert li meta niltaqgħu magħhom dan jagħtihom ħafna kurraġġ u sodisfazzjon kbir. Dawn il-passi żgħar jistgħu jagħmlu differenza kbira fil-ħajja tagħhom.

Is-sena l-oħra bqajt skantat u bla kliem meta rajt vidjo tar-reklam minn supermarket Ġermaniż Edeka li jirrakkonta l-istorja ta’ raġel anzjan li qatta’ Milied solitarju ripetutament għal ħafna snin, għax uliedu dejjem sabu xi skuża biex iżuruh. Jum wieħed bagħatilhom avviż li kien miet u anke tahom id-dettalji tal-funeral tiegħu. Meta wliedu qraw l-avviż marru għandu u meta waslu fid-dar tiegħu isibuh ħaj. B’hekk biss seta’ jġibhom qribu!

F’dak il-vidjo hemm messaġġ għal dawk li ma jagħtux l-kas lill-ġenituri u l-anzjani tagħhom, li huma għandhom bżonnhom.

Hawn niftakar fi tradizzjoni tal-Profeta Muħammad, is-sliem għalih. Hu qal li f’ Jum il-Ħaqq Alla se jikkonfrontakom u jgħidilkom li: “Kont marid u inti ma staqsejtx dwar saħħti”. Il-bniedem se jgħid: “O Alla Inti s-Sid tad-dinja kollha, u qatt ma timrad, u ma kellekx bżonn tal-għajnuna tagħna”. Alla se jgħid: “Le, wieħed mill-qaddeja Tiegħi kien marid u kellek tistaqsi dwar saħħtu u kont issibni hemm”. U wara dan se jkompli jafferma u se jgħid: “Kelli l-ġuħ u ma tajtnix ikel, kelli l-għatx u ma tajtnix ilma, ma kellix libsa u ma libbistnix”. U kull darba l-bniedem se jgħid: “O Alla Inti s-Sid tad-dinja kollha, għandek kollox, u ma kellekx bżonn tal-għajnuna tagħna”. Alla se jgħid: “Wieħed mill-qaddeja Tiegħi kellu bżonn ta’ dak”. U kull darba se jgħid: “Li kieku inti għamilt dan kollu, kont issibni hemm”.

Din it-tradizzjoni turi biċ-ċar, li jekk aħna rridu li nsibu lil Alla, il-Ħallieq tagħna u rridu relazzjoni personali miegħu, allura huwa importanti li aħna mmorru għand il-foqra u ngħinuhom, immorru għand xi ħadd li hu fil-bżonn u nieħdu ħsiebu, immorru għand xi ħadd li hu marid u nwennsuh, inżuru x-xjuħ u nqattgħu xi ħin magħhom.

Dawn l-anzjani u l-ġenituri li jgħixu fid-djar tax-xjuħ, meta kienu f’saħħithom dejjem għamlu minn kollox biex jgħinu lil uliedhom, issa meta huma fil-bżonn, huwa importanti li jsibu l-għajnuna. Għandna nkunu grati lejhom, għax “min ma jiżżix ħajr lin-nies, ma jiżżix ħajr lil Alla”.

Ir-reliġjonijiet kollha jgħallmuna dwar il-ħidma għall-ġenituri. Meta nistudjaw ir-reliġjonijiet il-kbar tad-dinja nsibu żewġ punti komuni ħafna fit-tagħlim tagħhom; l-imħabba u l-qima lil Alla u s-servizz għall-umanità. Dan is-servizz huwa wieħed mill-iktar kwalitajiet importanti ta’ kull reliġjon. Naħseb li dik ir-reliġjon mhijiex reliġjon vera jekk m’għandhiex is-simpatija, bħalma lanqas dak ir-raġel ma jistħoqqlu jitqies bi bniedem jekk m’għandux is-simpatija u l-imħabba fih innifsu.

Il-Koran Imqaddes ripetutament jordna lill-Musulmani biex jieħdu ħsieb tal-ġenituri tagħhom. Alla jgħid: “U aħna amarna lill-bniedem biex ikun ħanin mal-ġenituri tiegħu.” (Il-Koran, 46:16)

Sidek amar, “Taduraw lil ħadd Ħliefu, u uru tjieba lejn il-ġenituri. Jekk xi ħadd minnhom, jew it-tnejn li huma, jixjieħu miegħek, qatt tgħidilhom kliem iebes jew ta’ stmerrija, iżda indirizzahom bil-ħlewwa. U b’umiltà u tenerezza itlob: “Sidi, ħenn għalihom bħalma rabbewni meta kont żgħir.” (Il-Koran, 17:24-25)

Ejjew niċċelebraw dawn il-mumenti tal-ferħ mal-anzjani, mal-ġenituri u ma’ dawk li jħossu solitudni. Dan huwa verament għemil nobbli u ġust. Bla dubju ta’ xejn, nista’ ngħid li meta xi ħadd jiċċelebra ma’ dawk il-persuni, il-ferħ u s-sodisfazzjoni li jħoss huwa inkredibbli, u ma tistax tispjegah fi kliem. Għalhekk,  jekk irridu li Alla jifraħ magħna, ejjew nirbħu l-qlub tal-poplu ta’ Alla u niċċelebraw dawn il-festi magħhom.

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What is Jihad?


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