Id-Dawl Numru 12

Id-Dawl (the Light) DECEMBER 2018

(i) JESUS in the Holy QURAN   

(ii) The Means for the World Peace 

(iii) Second Jalsa Salana – Annual Convention 

(iv) Interreligious Conference  

(v) President of Malta’s Message 

(vi) Donation of Wheelchairs

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Id-Dawl Numru 12

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Video of Interfaith Session – Second Jalsa Salana Malta 2018

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Video of Second Jalsa Salana Malta 2018

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Ahmadiyya Malta organised an Interfaith Session

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta organised an ‘Interfaith Session’ at its Annual Convention (Jalsa Salana) on 2nd December 2018 held at the ‘Centru Familja Mqaddsa’ Msida. The theme of this year’s interfaith session was ‘Love for all, hatred for none’.

For highlighting this unique message of love, compassion and respect, all the participants of the annual convention were wearing the badges with the message of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’, as a manifestation of harmony, unity, peace and brotherhood. The badges were printed on red and white colours – the colours of the Maltese flag – to further extend the message of unity and loyalty.

Her Excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, the President of Malta, very graciously sent her video message for the convention and she highlighted the importance of interfaith dialogue and commended ‘the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Malta for their commitment to pursue the building of peace through respect’. She said ‘promoting interfaith dialogue is essential. Dialogue ensures the much needed development for the social and economic and environmental sectors of our countries. I believe that all faith traditions contribute to our human family’.

After the recitation of the Holy Quran, in his opening remarks, Imam Haider Ali Zafar Sahib explained the Purpose of the Jalsa Salana.  This session was addressed by Hon. Ivan Bartolo, Member of Parliament, Ms. Margaret Baldacchino Cefai, Mayor of Msida, Rev. John Anthony Berry, secretary of the Diocesan Commission for the interreligious dialogue, Rev, Kim Hurst of St. Andrew’s Scots Church, Mr. Conrad Borg Manché, Mayor of Gzira, Mr. Ignatius Farrugia, Mayor of Zurrieq, Ms. Mary Gauci, MEP Candidate and Ms. Myrabelle Corlett, Chairperson of WFWP Malta.

The ‘Interfaith Session’ was concluded with the speech by Imam Laiq Ahmed Atif, president Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in Malta. The topic of his speech was ‘Inter-Religious Peace’. He presented all-times feasible and practicable guiding principles from the teachings of the Holy Quran and the noble examples of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, for the establishment of tolerant, harmonious, prosperous and peaceful inter-religious societies.

The ‘Interfaith Session’ was concluded with silent prayer. People from different walks of life attended the interfaith session. After the speeches traditional food was served. The Malta Independent 

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Second Jalsa Salana Malta 2018

Second Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) Malta 2018

On Sunday, 2 December 2018, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta held its 2nd Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) at the ‘Ċentru Familja Mqaddsa’, Msida, Malta. 

This was the second Jalsa Salana in Malta; it was divided into two sessions. First session was chaired by Imam Haider Ali Zafar Sahib, Vice President of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Germany. A special message from the Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) was read out at the convention.

In his message His Holiness highlighted the ‘importance of constantly striving to become rightful Ahmadi Muslims’ and said:

“I urge you to constantly self-reflect and improve your inner selves; continually increase in goodness and righteousness; conduct yourselves in the best manner in your every deed and action; be kind, considerate and caring to all of Allah’s creatures and especially to your fellow human beings; and always remain exemplary Ahmadi Muslims.”

He said, in this regard, the Promised Messiah (as) has explained:  

“The purpose of their joining the Movement and establishing with me a relationship like that of a disciple is that they should achieve a high degree of piety and righteousness. No wrongdoing or mischief should ever come near them. They should offer the five daily Prayers regularly and with congregation, and should not lie nor hurt anyone by their tongues. They should not be guilty of any kind of vice and should not let even a thought of mischief, wrongdoing or transgression pass through their minds. They should shun every type of sin, offence, undesirable speech and action, as well as all egoistic passions and unruly behaviour. They should become pure-hearted, harmless and meek servants of God Almighty, and no poisonous germ should flourish in their beings.” (Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 3, pp. 46) 

Speeches on different subjects were delivered in both English and Urdu languages. These speeches included: The Beauty and Glory of the Holy Quran by Haseeb Rahman Sahib, The Purpose of Life is to Worship Almighty Allah by Imam Laiq Ahmed Atif and concluding speech was delivered by Imam Haider Ali Zafar Sahib who emphasised about the importance and blessings of Khilafat – Spiritual Muslim Leadership; he also discussed the social and moral issues and presented solutions from Islamic teachings. Ameen was also held for the children who have successfully completed the recitation of the Holy Quran for the first time.  First session was concluded with silent prayer. After a break second session titled ‘Interfaith Session’ was held (further reporting separately).   

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Islamic community holds inter-religious convention to promote dialogue

The Islamic community Ahmadiyya which meets in the heart of Gzira recently held an inter-religious convention with representatives from other religions, in order to promote dialogue to create an atmosphere of love, respect and hope. The convention was held at the Holy Family Centre in Msida.

The dialogue between different religions is the tool which is being used so that believers may understand one another better so that together they can create an atmosphere of peace, love and respect towards the diversity of religious beliefs. The Islamic community Ahmadiyya felt the need to create an opportunity for dialogue where representatives from different religions can speak about their beliefs to strengthen friendship. The convention had as its theme “Love for everyone, hatred towards no one”.

Laiq Ahmed Atif,  the President of Ahmadiyya Musulmana said, “We teach our community about Islam and how we should live in a society as responsible citizens, how they should respect everyone and help those in need.”

He added that the convention’s aim was to send a message of unity.

Laiq Ahmed Atif said, “people of different religious beliefs live in Malta and we want to send a message that although our religions are different, as human beings we can focus on the common things between us so that we can have a better society.”

Fr John Barry, who is a delegate for the Diocesan Commission for the Church’s Inter-religious Dialogue, said that religious dialogue creates a culture of peace and can even build bridges between different religions. Find More: 

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Il-komunità Iżlamika b’konvenzjoni inter-reliġjuża biex tippromovi d-djalogu


Il-komunità Iżlamika Ahmadiyya li tiltaqa’ għat-talb fil-Gżira tellgħet konvenzjoni inter-reliġjuża biex flimkien ma’ rappreżentanti ta’ reliġjonijiet oħra tippromovi d-djalogu ħalli tinħoloq atmosfera ta’ mħabba, rispett u tama. Il-konvenzjoni nżammet fiċ-Ċentru Familja Mqaddsa fl-Imsida.

Id-djalogu bejn rappreżentanti tar-reliġjonijiet huwa l-għodda li qed tintuża biex dawk li jemmnu jifhmu aktar lil xulxin ħalli flimkien joħolqu atmosfera ta’ paċi, imħabba u rispett minkejja d-diversità fit-twemmin. Il-Komunità Iżlamika Ahmadiyya ħasset li għandha toħloq opportunità ta’ djalogu fejn rappreżentanti ta’ reliġjonijiet differenti jitkellmu dwar it-twemmin tagħhom ħalli tissaħħaħ il-ħbiberija. Il-konvenzjoni li nżammet fiċ-Ċentru Familja Mqaddsa f’Imsida kellu t-tema ‘Imħabba għal Kulħadd, mibegħda lejn ħadd’.

Laiq Ahmed Atif, il-President t’Ahmadiyya Musulmana “nagħtu għarfien lill-komunità tagħna dwar l-Iżlam u kif għandhom jgħixu fis-soċjetà bħala ċittadini responsabbli, għandhom juru rispett lejn kulħadd u jgħinu lill-kulħadd li huwa fil-bżonn.”

Il-President Ahmed Atif qal li l-konvezjoni kellha li jintbagħat messaġġ ta’ għaqda.

Laiq Ahmed Atif qal “nies ta’ twemmin differenti li jgħixu f’Malta u nibagħtu l-messaġġ li għalkemm ir-reliġjonijiet jkunu differenti iżda bħala bnedmin umani nistgħu niffukaw fuq affarijiet komuni bejnietna sabiex nagħmlu s-soċjetà aħjar.”

Fr John Barry li huwa d-deligat tal-Kummissjoni Djoċesana għad-Djalogu Interreliġjuż tal-Knisja qal li d-djalogu reliġjuż joħloq kultura ta’ paċi u anke jibni pontijiet bejn ir-reliġjonijiet. Find More

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