Minister visits migrants on World Refugee Day – Ahmadiyya extends help and solidarity

Hon. Minister Manuel Mallia & Laiq Ahmed Atif, addressing the pressPicture: Hon. Manuel Mallia, Minister for Intern and National Security and Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta

“There cannot be a common refugee policy in the EU unless all states acknowledge that some immigrants have to be relocated to other member states.” This was declared by the Hon. Manuel Mallia, Minister for Home Affairs and National Security this morning during a visit at the Family Centre in Ħal Far Open centre on the occasion of World Refugee Day. 

pr1301bThe Hon. Manuel Mallia said that the Maltese society showed solidarity with immigrants who have traumatic experiences when leaving their countries because of persecution or imminent dangers for their lives. However due to our geographic limitations, the Maltese government was committed to continue meeting other countries so as to ensure that they their international obligations and accepted relocated migrants. 

This morning, Minister Mallia said that everyone has rights and obligations and thus immigrants should also try to understand and accept Maltese traditions and cultures. 

Minister Mallia thanked the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Malta for distributing fruits to the migrant community at the Ħal Far Open Centre and also for promoting important principles for integration in the Maltese Community and thus being against every form of terrorism, fundamentalism and extremism. 

pr1301cHon. Manuel Mallia u Laiq Ahmed AtifDr. Mallia thanked also all the staff who works at the open and detention centres. Read original post:

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