Shariah and State Symposium held at the University

Peace Symposium 2016 (1)The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Malta & KSU held a successful Peace Symposium on Shariah & State on March 2, 2016, at the University of Malta. In this symposium Dr. Andrew Azzopardi, Senior lecturer at the University of Malta, emphasised on the need and importance of understanding diversity and different religions and cultures. Ms. Rebcca Micallef, KSU President, spoke against the prejudice and intolerance and highlighted that harmony and tolerance are the basic principles for the prosperity of a society.

Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Malta, talked on the subject of “Islamic Shariah and Human Rights”. In his speech he highlighted that Islam believes in all the basic and fundamental human rights and gives clear guidance and instructions on this matter. 

The closing speech was delivered by Islamic Scholar and Imam Ayyaz Mahmood Khan, the guest speaker from UK, the topic of his speech was “The relationship between religion and state in Islam”. Imam Ayyaz said that Islam does not believe in implementation of its teachings and laws by force and the people have every right to select their governments. However, Islam highlights that governments should be run with absolute fairness, equality and justice. 

After the speeches audience had the opportunity to express their views and ask questions from the panel.

Peace Symposium 2016 (2) Peace Symposium 2016 (3)

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