‘One cannot do without truth’

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, the Promised Messiah & Mahdi, Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, explaining the importance of truthfulenss says:

“I remember that once I sent an article to Amritsar along with a letter, which was related to the Wakil-i-Hind newspaper owned by Ralia Ram. This letter was deemed to be in contravention of the postal laws and so a lawsuit was filed against me. Even my lawyers advised that there was no hope of acquittal unless the letter was denied, that is to say, there was no way of escape except through untruth. However, I did not approve of this in the least and said that if I am punished for speaking the truth then so be it, I shall not lie.

The lawsuit was finally heard in court and the superintendent of post offices appeared as the plaintiff. When I was questioned about this, I honestly replied that the letter was mine but that I had placed it along with the article, considering it to be a part thereof. Allah Almighty granted insight to the magistrate and so he understood this point. The superintendent of post offices exerted his best efforts but the magistrate paid no heed and acquitted me.

How can I say that one cannot do without lying? Such notions are sheer absurdity. The reality is that one cannot do without truth. Even today when I recall this incident, it gives me pleasure. I followed the command of God Almighty and He favoured me in such a manner as to become a sign.

‘And he who puts his trust in Allah – He is sufficient for him.’ [Holy Quran, 65:4]

Remember well that nothing is more unblessed than falsehood. Generally, worldly people say that those who speak the truth are arrested, but how can I agree?… Allah Almighty Himself defends and supports the truth. Is it possible that He should punish a righteous person?” (Ruhani Khazain V. 20, p. 478-479) – Read in Maltese

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