The best of mankind is the one who benefits humanity

Laiq Ahmed Atif | The Malta Independent on Sunday | Sunday, 20 February 2022

The world we are living in has become very materialistic, selfish and self-centered. Life has become so fast-paced that we barely look outside of our boxes and give very little or no attention to the core human values of compassion, sympathy and solidarity.

I truly believe that human sympathy is our duty, not a choice. Therefore, we must demonstrate through our actions care, love and compassion as our core values. We should not only provide assistance, care and solace to people in our communities, but we should exhibit the true sense and love for all of humanity. We must note that the manifestation of sincerity and compassion are the true means to stand tall in society.

The founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has explained the subject of human sympathy and compassion, mentioning that sympathy is of three kinds: physical, financial and sympathy through prayers. As human beings, we can pray for the benefit of others. The grace of human sympathy is immensely vast and those that do not show sympathy to others are in a very unfortunate position as they do not benefit themselves or others.

He further emphasised by declaring: “It is my belief that in prayer (and sympathy) one should not exclude one’s enemies either. The wider the scope of a person’s prayer, the more beneficial this will be for the supplicant. The more miserly a person is in their prayer, the more they will be distanced from God Almighty. In actuality, an individual who limits the favours of God, which are unfathomable, is also weak in faith.”

The Holy Quran presents the great blessings of serving humanity. God the Exalted has promised in the Holy Quran that those who benefit others and society, will have their lives prolonged. God the Exalted states: “The one, who benefits human beings, stays on the earth.” (13:18)

This verse means that the benefactors of humanity will live longer lives and will benefit from God’s blessings and bounties. Furthermore, their services to humanity will make it clear that they are the beloved and chosen ones in the sight of God.

It is absolutely true that the life of a person who is a source of benefit for the world is prolonged and one who causes mischief is taken from this world quicker. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to reflect and contemplate on how we can hold true to this principle: “The best people are those who are the most beneficial to other human beings.”

Just as certain methods have proved useful in medicine, this method proves advantageous in the well-being and benefit of others. Therefore, it is necessary for human beings to reflect and yearn for opportunities by which they can benefit others. Moreover, we should adopt the qualities of compassion, sympathy and kind-heartedness and remove all traces of ruggedness and harshness from our hearts.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, states: “Allah is gentle and He loves gentleness and He rewards for gentleness what He does not recompense for harshness and He does not reward any other virtue like He rewards gentleness.”

Let us derive positive lessons for our lives and let us all become the true well-wishers and benefactors of humanity. Let us truly be compassionate towards humanity and show sympathy to our brethren in the same manner that we show sympathy towards ourselves. Let us be compassionate towards each other for the sake of God so that we may be shown mercy in heaven.

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