The problem of our times

“This wealth [God] is worth acquiring, even at the cost of one’s life.”

The major and most worrying problem of the time we live in is the denial of the existence of God and the detachment from Him. The increasing fear, disorder and lack of peace and hope are clear signs that humanity has forgotten its Creator, the Lord of the entire universe. Therefore, it is evident and an undeniable fact that, the peace and prosperity of the world lies in the close relationship and communion with the Merciful and Loving God. However, the questions arise: How we can know that God exists? How to find God? How to create a close friendship with the Lord?

The creation of the universe and everything that is in it is a clear and undeniable sign of the Creator. It is simple reason and logic that even a pencil cannot come into being without the designer and creator, then how it is possible that such a vast, organised and perfect universe is without any designer and creator. We must not forget that the lack of knowledge of something does not necessarily negate its existence. Similarly, lack of knowledge of God does not negate in anyway His existence.

Secondly, there are many ways to find God, amongst those is to find God through His signs and through acceptance of our prayers. There is also His knowledge which a person obtains through Prophets and thereby saves himself from death and ruin. Also His attribute that He hears the supplications of the restless and fatigued ones.

Moreover, to establish a strong relationship with God it is necessary to have experienced His Beneficence and His Beauty. For instance, one would have found divine help at the time of helplessness and weakness, at the time of need, or at a time of great sorrow.

Therefore, when a person experiences Divine beneficence and blessings his faith is strengthened beyond measure and he is drawn towards God as iron is drawn towards a magnet. His love for God increases manifold and his trust in God becomes very strong. And when we experience the existence of God in our lives it leads to create a close relationship and friendship with God. As the human soul never leaves his body while a person is alive, in the same way, the certainty that enters into him from God, the Mighty and Glorious, never leaves him. And this continuously increases our communion with God and continuously strengthens our friendship with our Lord. Read this article in Maltese

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