Donation to NFCAM by Ahmadiyya Jamaat

Donation from International Muslim Association

The National Foster Care Association has been presented a donation of €1,000 by Laiq Ahmed Atif, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Malta.

The funds will help provide continued support for foster carers, explained Jason Zerafa, president of NFCAM. He added that NFCAM organised monthly support group meetings and training seminars for foster carers and children in their care.

John Role, a member of the committee and social worker with Appoġġ who leads the team on foster care, spoke of traumas these children have gone through by being exposed to family violence and neglect. He explained that the road to recovery from such psychological injury can be through foster care experience and continued support.

Mr Zerafa said that the organisation was committed to raise awareness about the need for fostering in Malta and helping all children assert their right to a family.

(The Sunday Times, June 15, 2008)

The committee members of the National Foster Care Association, Malta [NFCAM] met Laiq Ahmed Atif, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Malta, who presented them with a donation of EUR 1,000.

These funds, Jason Zerafa, president of NFCAM, said would contribute greatly to its work in providing continued support for foster carers. He explained that NFCAM organised monthly support group meetings and training seminars for foster carers and the children in their care. This supplemented the professional care and support these families received through the contact with social workers and care professionals.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a religious organisation, with branches in over 190 countries in Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe with worldwide membership exceeding tens of millions.

Mr. Atif explained the true meaning of Islam as peace, universal brotherhood and submission to the Will of God. The Ahmadiyya Muslim encourages interfaith dialogue, and establishes the true message of Islam and tries to correct misunderstandings about Islam in the world. It advocates peace, tolerance, love and understanding among followers of different faiths.

The Ahmadiyya Community is serving the mankind all over the world because the service to humanity is one of the major parts of its faith. The services they provide do not discriminate on basis of faith, colour, religion or language.

Humanity First is a charitable trust established by the Ahmadiyya Community to promote and safeguard the preservation of human life and dignity. It is a non-political, non-sectarian international relief, which works to improve the quality of life for some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

Mr. Atif went on to congratulate the generosity and commitment of families that have taken children from troubled backgrounds into their care. The committee members, who are themselves foster carers share the joys and challenges of bringing children into their care.

(The Malta Independent on Sunday, 6th July 2008)

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