Lealtà Ħelsien Rispett Ugwaljanza u PAĊI

Hon. Silvio Parnis Member of Parliament, speaks about the motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat “Imħabba Għal Kulħadd, Mibegħda Għal Ħadd”, and described it most beautiful and said it is the most beautiful and most important principle that one can practice.

Lealtà Ħelsien Rispett Ugwaljanza u PAĊI: Laiq Ahmed Atif, president Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta was interviewed by Mr. Ivan Bartolo in his morning show “Stenbaħ” on Favourite Channel on 20.12.2011. In this interview the campaign of Peace Leaflets was discussed and Atif, the Ahmadiyya President Malta explained about this campaign and the message of Loyalty, Freedom, Respect, Equality and PEACE.

Laiq Ahmed Atif, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Malta was interviewed by Mr. Ivan Bartolo in his morning show “Stenbaħ” on Favorite Channel on 20.12.2011. In this interview the campaign of Peace Leaflets was discussed and Atif explained this campaign and the message of Loyalty, Freedom, Respect, Equality and Peace.

Presenter: This week is very important for us as Christians. If we see the Jesus gave the message of peace and love, and this is also your message. So see how much we have in common. Allah is one.

Laiq Ahmed Atif: Yes that’s true. And we also believe in Jesus and we respect him by the depth of our hearts. We believe that whoever comes from God, he gives the same teaching of peace, love and respect. When we study the history of different prophets we find the same teachings, as human beings we are all the same, irrespective of different colors, creeds or nationalities, when we human beings are the same, and then the message should also be the same. Because the message comes from the same and One God, that’s why the basic message is always the same.

The Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peace makers,’ and we also believe in this message.

We not only believe but we practice it, we give this message to others too, as our motto is ‘Love for all – Hatred for none,’ it is really a wonderful and precious, that everyone, people of different faiths, colors and creeds can come together and work for the betterment of our country and for the whole world.

Many times I hear that people say that religion divides human beings. I say no. In reality religion unites human beings. If there is no religion how we can get the message of peace and love and respect. Religion gives this message of peace with full strength. Religion gives the message that we love each other and respect each other.

We believe in this message of loyalty, respect, freedom, equality and peace. This message has a great value. When we speak about loyalty; people say that are Muslims loyal to the countries they live? Yes, off course, we are loyal to the countries we live in. It is an integral part of our faith that we love the country we live in. After loyalty it is freedom. Freedom is a basic right of every human being, as God has created us free so we must give this freedom to every human person. And respect, is a basic value, even if there is no religion, still respect is considered as a basic value. And equality is also very important, and many problems take place because of lack of equality.

And when we will be practicing these values, in the end we can benefit from lasting peace. And as we are living in Malta our message is for everyone in Malta. We love this country from the depth of our hearts. We are part of this country.

Question: Is Ahmadiyya Part of Islam?

 Yes, Ahmadiyya is a part of Islam. There is a difference that the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him, prophesized that in the Latter Days there will come a Promised Messiah and Mahdi, who will reform Islamic teachings. We believe that person has come and we believe in him and our community is reformed by him and other Muslims are waiting for that Messiah to come. When one studies more about our Community he will understand that we are very well reformed. We believe that every Muslim should respect the laws of the country. And I assure that we will always remain loyal to this country and we will never raise our voices against this country.

Question: How big Community you have in Malta?

Answer: In Malta we have a small Community, but we work very hard, day and night, because when you have an aim and mission you work hard to reach there.

Question: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is against terrorism; and you speak strongly against it.
Answer: There are many people who use religion for terrorism and suicide attacks to kill innocent human beings, to divide humanity. But we practice and use religion to bring and unite human beings on a single point and to establish human rights, human dignity, to establish peace and we strongly condemn terrorism. We believe that there is no place in Islam for terrorism, and not only Islam but no religion, whatever its name can teach terrorism. In the Holy Quran God says: “If you kill a single human being it is as you have killed all humanity”. And when in an incident they kill e.g. 100 people, it is not only the death of 100 people but, the death of humanity for 100 times. And it is really a grave sin. And God permitted no one to kill human beings.

I would like to wish all my Maltese brothers and sisters a very happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. Greetings to all! Love for All – Hatred for None.

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