Ahmadiyya Malta condemns attacks on churches in Nigeria

Source: Malta Star: 26/12/ 2011

A string of bombs struck churches in five Nigerian cities on Sunday, leaving dozens dead and wounded on Christmas day – a time of celebration and religious activities; a very special day for all the Christians around the world. 

The blasts mark the second holiday season that bombs have hit Christian houses of worship in the West African nation. These acts of violence and hatred against innocent citizens are provocative and inhuman. 

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Malta strongly rejects, and unreservedly and categorically condemns such violent attacks on Churches – the places of worship, in Nigeria. 

The community said that these are no doubt, inhuman, heinous and cruel attacks, which should be condemned at every level. The Ahmadiyya Community condemns the attack in strongest terms, and demands the authorities to bring the culprits in front of justice as soon as possible”.

“We believe that, in this age, when certain powers, organisations and ideologies are engaged in destroying peace and when ill-feelings against each other are being sparked unnecessarily and walls of hatred are being erected in every part of the world and at every level possible, the objective of caring for the sentiments of each other, respecting other faiths, showing mutual tolerance and harmony and interreligious cooperation is all the more important. “

The Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Laiq Ahmed Atif calls all the people to exhibit their kindness to one another, to show love and affection and for renewing ties of brotherhood and kinship so that peace in the best possible manner can be established in our societies. He also says:

“There is no religion in the world – be it Islam, or Christianity, or Hinduism or for that matter any other faith – that advocates the destruction of peace. Each person likes peace and hates disorder. Every heart is inclined towards good deeds and every good-natured person wants the peace should be established in the world. Everyone is restless in attaining this objective of peace.”

The community expressed their deepest condolences to the victims’ families in this difficult time and pray for the health of those who were injured in this attack. 

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