The President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca addressed the Annual Peace Symposium organised by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta.

The President spoke about the tragedies we all witnessed in recent days whereby hundreds of migrants lost their lives at sea. The President noted that a holistic approach needs to be adopted and that due attention needs to be given to the situation of the thousands of people that at this very moment are risking their lives to reach European shores.

The President described how migrants are fleeing their countries because they are forced to do so noting that some are fleeing conflicts; some are fleeing famine or persecution; some are fleeing abject poverty and others are fleeing because their lives and that of their loved ones are in danger. In doing so people are dying unnecessarily because the international community has the capacity to act and save lives.

The President recalled the title of the Peace Symposium and that freedom and peace is what migrants want. She encouraged those present to refrain from turning their backs on this reality and to advocate for a comprehensive approach from the international community and for a response based on empathy and understanding.

The President noted that we have to strive for an international community and policies that welcomes migrants in a safe and human way also acknowledging the added value migrants bring rather than opting for policies that continue to turn the Mediterranean into a cemetery.

The President concluded by saying that this loss of lives can be stopped. FIND MORE DETAILS:, Reference Number: pr150880, Press Release Issue Date: Apr 25, 2015pr150880c

pr150880a pr150880b pr150880d pr150880e 

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