Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“And walk not in the earth haughtily, for thou canst not rend the earth, nor canst thou reach the mountains in height.” (17:38)

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him said:  “Whoever has a mustard seed’s weight of pride (arrogance) in his heart, shall not be admitted into Paradise. And whoever has a mustard seed’s weight of faith in his heart, shall not be admitted into the Fire.” (Jami Al-Tirmidhi, Kitab Al-Birr Wa Al-Silah)

“If you possess a special characteristic, do not make it a means of showing arrogance, because this will distance you from righteous deeds and you will not be able to step closer to progress. Such a person begins to think that they have attained great heights and thus, becomes devoid of further improvement.

The second indication in this [verse] is that man’s progress is inevitably human progress and one should rejoice to the extent that is befitting for man. Man should remember that no matter how great one’s achievements are, they are incapable of tearing the earth apart, meaning that they are earthbound.” (Tafsir-e-Kabir, vol. 4, p.335)

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