Achieving Perfection

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah & Mahdias, says:

“The fact is that man has been created for a much greater purpose. Mere abstinence from sin is no great achievement. So many animals do not commit any sin; can they claim to be perfect? Can we expect to be rewarded by a person just because we have done him no harm?

No, indeed, it is the sincerely rendered services which make one deserving of reward. The service man has to render towards God is to belong to Him alone, to forsake the love of everything else for His love, and to surrender his own will to the Will of God.

The Holy Quran illustrates this with a wonderful example: No believer can achieve perfection until he has partaken of two elixirs. The first is the elixir that cools down the love of sin, named by the Holy Quran as the ‘Elixir of Camphor’, and the second elixir, which fills the heart with the love of God, is described by the Holy Quran as the ‘Elixir of Ginger’.” (Ruhani Khazain V. 20, p. 234-235) – Read this article in Maltese

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