Where the world is heading?

Laiq Ahmed Atif | Id-Dawl 42 | We are living in times where materialism is on the rise and human beings are in constant struggle to compete with one another in gaining worldly means and substance. Our lives have become so fast, just like machines. The spiritual needs of human beings are being overwhelmed and overtaken by worldly desires.

At times, human beings feel that they have become like robots to follow the pace of the ever increasing speed of life. It has also been noted, and many people voice their concerns that the technological inventions such as laptops, tablets and smart phones are constantly keeping people engaged in surfacing on the unending and magical world of the internet that human beings are left with no time for their spiritual needs and spiritual nourishment.

The valuable relationships and people that should matter the most, are being neglected constantly. To a certain extent it is true that people living under one roof sometimes feel that they live at far distances with each other due to lack of contact and time, and that this massive world has shrunk and has become so near through smart phones.

In this context, I believe, we must ask ourselves some basic and fundamental questions and we must strive to find out their answers as well.

Where the world is heading to? Are these materialistic and technological advancements sufficient for our physical and spiritual enhancement? What is the objective of our creation? Are we too much involved in the worldly pursuits? Do we care enough about our spiritual needs? Are we doing enough for our spiritual wellbeing and reformation? What generation we are preparing in our homes and societies? Are our children capable enough to face the future challenges the world is going to face in the coming years and decades?

I sincerely believe that we should all ask these questions to ourselves and try to find their answers, and then mend our ways accordingly, before it is too late.

The current generation should lead by example and set excellent examples for the younger generation to follow. We must become inclined to good works and we must remain vigilant so that some conditions prevalent around us may not lead us away from goodness or motivate us to do evil.

In this age, we are seeing that there is a continuous war between good and bad, between virtues and evils. According to the Holy Quran, the purpose of creation of man and Jinn is worship of Allah. So, we must always remember the objective of our being and never engage in worldly pursuit to such an extent that we are lost completely in them and forget our Creator.

Prayers, determination and constant efforts are means that can lead to spiritual reformation and that help us to tread on the path of righteousness and piety. Through these means we can avoid being entrapped by Satan. Prayers help us to stay on the path of virtues and do good and righteous deeds!

The Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, the Promised Messiah & Mahdi (as) emphasizes on attaining purity and prayers, he writes:

“The fact is that true purity is attained only when one truly repents of a sinful life and strives to attain a life of piety, for which three conditions are required: First, a solemn resolve and a concerted effort to get rid of sinful life as far as it lies in ones power. The second condition is prayer; one should always beseech God that He may rid him of the sinful life with His own hand, and kindle such a fire in his heart as may reduce all evil to ashes, and grant him such power that he may be able to overcome all carnal passions. He should keep imploring God until the time comes when a Divine light descends upon his heart and a bright ray falls upon his being to dispel all darkness to eliminate his weaknesses and to bring about a righteous change in him, for prayer undoubtedly has great power. If the dead can be brought back to life it is only through prayer; if captives can win freedom it is only through prayer; if the impure are to be purified it can only be done through prayer. But to pray is akin to dying. The third condition is to keep the company of the righteous and the perfect ones because one lamp lights another. These are the only three ways of achieving emancipation from sin, and when these three conditions are met, they are ultimately blessed with Divine grace.” (Ruhani Khazain V. 20, p. 234)

We cannot inherit Paradise unless we fight against satanic inclinations and obey the commandments of Allah, and try to become righteous. Successful and sincere efforts against Satan would surely lead one to become recipient of Allah’s pleasure and thus enter Paradise. READ this ARTICLE in MALTESE:

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