There is NO Space for Hate

“I advise you once again that to exhibit good morals is no less than showing a miracle… Miracles enlighten people of the truth and veracity of Islam, and become a source of guidance… Miracles are of various kinds. Among these varying types, there is one form known as the miracle of morals, and it reigns supreme in all fields.”

This is an English translation of an article published in IT-TORCA on 27.03.2022

Love is the antidote of every kind of hatred, malice and hate-speech. Love is such a powerful weapon that it has all the essential ingredients to build bridges between people, pave the way for constructing a considerate and harmonious society, changing bitterness into sweetness and transforming enemies into warm and trustworthy friends.

Together against hatred

In his New Year address, the Prime Minister highlighted the issue of hate speech and said that, “There should be no space for hate in our hearts, in what we write, and in how we behave. The real power to stop hate speech lies in each and every one of us. We should use our words to enhance unity, not division. Taunts and insults will not get us anywhere. Let us use our ideas to build a better and brighter future for our country.”

I think this is a very powerful and timely message and is worth of deep reflections both on an individual level and national level, in religious spheres and in political circles, in ordinary echelon and in the power corridors.

Fighting effectively against hate

Collective and constructive efforts are true means to overcome such widespread hate, and everyone should come forward to play their positive roles in the fight against this wickedness.

Some people may argue that in the technological social media world where there are so much hateful comments and remarks spread all over the internet, what difference a few words of love and kindness would make?

Never lose hopes

I truly believe in positivity and optimism because it is God’s commandment that “despair not of the mercy of God; for none despairs of God’s mercy save the unbelieving people.” Therefore, we should never give up and should never lose our hopes.

Every positive word counts

Every positive word in this ocean of negativity counts; every good word creates an impact; everyone’s contribution is worth, because, “surely, God suffers not the reward of those who do good to be lost.”

Islam guides us that if a person removes a thorn from the path, they shall receive a spiritual reward for this as well. If when fetching water, a person pours a bucket into his brother’s vessel, God Almighty does not allow it to go unrewarded. I am so certain that the path on which man can never fail is the path of God, is the path of goodness, compassion, kindness and the path of striving in any noble cause to bring valuable changes in the lives of humanity.

Love begets love

We should never forget that, “love begets love”. So, I humbly suggest that the people of goodwill should increase the dosage of their positive efforts and goodness in the face of storm of hatred and malice, so in the end positivity wins over negativity, love over malice, kind word over hate speech and above all Godly powers win over evil forces.

Therefore, it is indeed the need of the hour that we must exhibit high moral values, rather “the Miracle of Morals” as stated by the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. He says:

The Miracle of Morals

“I advise you that to exhibit good morals is no less than showing a miracle. If any of you assert that it is not your desire to show miracles, then realise that Satan has deceived you. By the manifestation of miracles, I am not referring to pride and conceit. I proclaim once again that pride and conceit have no part in the miracle of morals to which I refer. Miracles are of various kinds. Among these varying types, there is one form known as the miracle of morals, and it reigns supreme in all fields.”

I am truly certain that to eradicate the venom of hatred or hate-speech we must try our outmost to show the miracles of morals in our everyday lives. We must become morally substantial, sound, convincing, steadfast and upright.

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