The Islamic Culture


On 6 March 2022, replying to a question, His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, explained what Islamic culture is, and said:

“Islam is a universal religion and if Islam claims that it is a universal religion, then there should not be any question of culture there. People of different cultures will join Islam… They will only follow the teachings of Islam. And the teachings of Islam are that you should discharge your rights you owe to your Creator, Allah the Almighty. Worship Him as has been prescribed in the Holy Quran and as was practised by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). It is to follow the commandments and injunctions of the Holy Quran.”

“There are quite a number of Asian traditions which are contradictory to the teachings of Islam. That does not mean that Islam teaches those things… If you are offering five daily prayers and if you are morally good, if you are obeying the commandments of the Holy Quran – there are 700 or more commandments given in the Holy Quran – if you are following those, it is enough… So always see what the true teaching of Islam is.”

“Islamic culture is nothing but the teachings of Islam – that is, to practise whatever has been given in the Holy Quran. Apart from that there is nothing. If you are offering five daily prayers, if you are reading the Holy Quran, if you are morally good, if you are following the commandments of the Holy Quran, if you are not corrupt, if you are giving due respect to your parents, to your elders, if you are honest to the nation, if you are working hard wherever you are working, if you are a student, you are working hard to become a good student, then that is the culture and that is the teaching, apart from that nothing.”


His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, explained:

“You have to make good friends. If you are a good-natured person and you follow the commandments given to us by Allah the Almighty then the first commandment is to bow before Him, to pray to Allah the Almighty. When the time of prayer comes during the school time, try to offer your prayer… So, by seeing this, your fellow students would know that you are a person of different nature.”

“If your morals are good, you always behave well, your language is always good, [you are] not doing any immoral things, not even thinking ill of others and you never try to harm anybody, do not fight or quarrel, you are always busy with your school studies or whatever extracurricular activities are given to you by the school, then they would know that these students are different. And those students who are of good nature, they themselves will come to you and try to make you their friend. So, this is the way.” READ This Article in MALTESE

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