Does God Exist?

Once a philosopher met with a Bedouin, and the philosopher asked him: Do you believe in God? The Bedouin replied: Yes I do believe in God. The philosopher asked him: What proof do you have of the existence of God? Can you provide an argument to prove the existence of God? The Bedouin’s reply was very simple yet so profound, and it is very important answer and comprehensively sheds sufficient light on the subject of existence of God. The Bedouin replied:

“When someone walks through the jungle and finds the excrement of a camel, he understands that a camel has passed that way. And when he finds a man’s footprints in the desert sand, he infers that a traveller must have walked through there. Why then can’t you seeing this world with its great paths, and the sky with its sun, moon and stars, realise that there is a Creator Who made it all?”

How very truthful, pure and full of wisdom are these words. The Holy Quran (14:11) also presents this argument and speaks of the design of the universe and says: “Are you in doubt concerning Allah, Maker of the heavens and the earth?” Everything in this world is a definite proof of the existence of a Creator – Allah – who created it.

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