A Father’s Advice

Noor-Ul-Hudah Khan, Lawyer | Id-Dawl 45

Earlier this year I lost my father to COVID-19. Though the loss is incredibly painful but moments like this remind us of Allah’s will and His greater plans. But as I sit here today, I can’t help but reminisce over the valuable life lessons taught to me by my father. 

Remembrance of Allah

One of the best things my father taught me was that no matter how busy life may be and no matter whatever the stress is, always remember Allah and take time out in the day to pray to God Almighty. 


My father instilled a great importance for modesty within me. He taught me that I must take control over my own modesty. One of his biggest valuable lessons to me was how your appearance impacts people’s perception of you.

He never forced me to wear anything, but let me understand for myself the choices I will need to make. His encouragement on me making my own choices gave me the confidence to walk in society without feeling insecure or oppressed.


My father taught me how important it was for a girl to have a good education. He never differentiated between his sons and daughter. He constantly encouraged me and stood by my side to ensure I get the best education and wished for me to excel just like his sons. 

Despite being the youngest and only girl, though I was pampered, I was also taught how to take care of myself and maintain my independence. He taught me that though there is always family by your side, you should always prepare yourself for any sudden hardship that you may have to face alone.


Never say no to someone in need. My father was a very compassionate man. He always taught us that even if we have to sacrifice one of our own needs, never refuse someone in need. Even if you cannot help them completely still try your utmost to help them as much as possible, because every drop counts. He always taught us to take a portion out of our earnings to give to the needy, as we as humans must fulfil each other’s rights and look after one another as much as we can.

So as I recollect the above, I am grateful for all the time I got to spend with my father. For all the wonderful life lessons he has left me with. Though his loss has left a massive void in my heart, I am grateful for the legacy he has left behind and I pray that I am able to act on all of his good deeds.

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