Dialogue, reconciliation and peace

The Palestine–Israel conflict: Dialogue, reconciliation and peace Palestine–Israel conflict can only be resolved if true justice is brought about

Times of Malta | 24/05/2021 | Laiq Ahmed Atif

In today’s world we see that certain issues are constantly being highlighted on various platforms and are being labelled as the most significant problems of our time. Lack of peace and security is one of the most concerning issues of the contemporary world. People are extremely concerned about the escalation of various conflicts and the increasingly volatile state of the world.

If we analyse the situation objectively, it is evident that world peace and security is indeed the most critical issue of our time and it is a great misfortune that this situation is worsening every day. There are multiple factors and reasons for deterioration of the situation, however, whatever the causes may be, it is clear that the lack of peace, tolerance and security in the world urgently needs to be addressed.

Indeed, the word peace is priceless. However, its worth is only known well by those who have faced war, conflict, crime, disorder, killing or bloodshed. Palestine is one such example. This holy land has faced turmoil and devastation countless times throughout history and has once again been brutally attacked lately. The situation there is so fragile that every few years we witness escalation which results in many innocent lives being lost and the destruction of infrastructure and civilian buildings.

Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo has highlighted the need of constructive dialogue in the peace-making process of the region. He said: “Existing disputes in the eastern Mediterranean will not be solved by force. They require, more than ever, dialogue and negotiations.”

I believe dialogue and negotia­tion are the only solution to this conflict, and indeed for every conflict that arises anywhere in the world. Some people argue that dialogue has not been fruitful. I believe that rather than abandoning the process of dialogue and negotia­tion when it seems it is not being fruitful, we must multiply our efforts and the process of dialogue, to ensure we achieve peace and harmony.

I believe that the road that leads to reconciliation and long-lasting peace is through constructive dialogue and honest negotiations; this is the only feasible and lasting solution.

The road that leads to reconciliation and long-lasting peace is through constructive dialogue and honest negotiation– Laiq Ahmed Atif

Therefore, the world powers must play their part and adopt a realistic and impartial approach to chalk out a comprehensive plan for this  area of conflict of so many decades. Letting this territory continue bleeding and turning a blind eye will mean innocent people will continue to die in their masses and it will be an extreme injustice, abuse of power and utter failure of the world powers.

Almighty God has guided us in the Holy Quran towards peace and reconciliation and highlighted that in every matter “reconciliation and peace is best”. Furthermore, in chapter eight, verse 62, God says: “And if they incline towards peace, incline thou also towards it.”

This means that no matter how difficult and arduous the journey towards reconciliation and peace may be, such a result must be achieved at all costs and any opportunity must be availed for all parties to work towards a peaceful resolution.

This Quranic injunction is a key principle for maintaining international peace and security. Islam teaches that no opportunity for peace should be wasted. And so, even if there is only a glimmer of hope, you must try and grasp it.

In his address at Capitol Hill in 2012, while addressing members of the US Congress, the head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, stated that the United States government and world leaders should value and prioritise justice at all levels of society – both in terms of domestic and foreign policy. It remains the case that it is only through true justice that the Israel-Palestine conflict can be solved, otherwise the cycle of violence and hostilities will just continue in perpetuity. Justice is the means of forging trust, which in turn can lead to peace.

I am certainly convinced and optimistic that if sincere and concerted efforts are made by the world powers, further causalities and destruction can be avoided and put to an end, and the foundation for reconciliation and lasting peace can be laid down.

amjmalta@gmail.com, Laiq Ahmed Atif is president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta.

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