Preventing youth from addiction

Muskan Atif, Ahmadi Student

What is an addiction? (Read this article in Maltese)

Addiction is such a habit that a person can’t live without, for example smoking. If a person smokes every day, and cannot live one day without smoking, that confirms that this person is addicted to smoking. All addictions are bad, harmful and injurious to one’s health and safety, such as smoking, drinking, drugs or substance intake and gambling.

What are the negative effects of addiction?

Every addiction has an impact on the life of a person and effects negatively to their wellbeing. It destroys the health of the person who is addicted to anything, and the person looses the most precious thing which is good health, as the saying goes, “Health is wealth.” If we don’t take care of our health, we might get sick really easily and the treatment can be expensive. So instead of making our life miserable, how wise it is not to be addicted to anything so our health remains good. It is true that health is a real wealth.

Addictions effect negatively to one’s education. If a person is addicted to online-games, it will waste a lot of their precious time, and they can’t focus on their study, and can also fail in exams. So to focus more on education and not to have a brightest future it is important to stay away from every addiction.

Addictions also deviate from the real issues and main objectives. Moreover, it is wastage of money and resources when buying addiction needs.

Addictions can also ruin families or family life. In our society we find many family issues, breakages and sufferings, and many a time it is due to any addiction or bad habits. One person’s addiction can ruin the entire family, so it is very important to stay away from such bad things that make you and your loved ones suffer.

How to avoid addiction?

A simple question arises that, then how to avoid addiction? There are many ways we can save ourselves from these addictions, such as having good and positive friends and reading good books. We always read that “man is known by the company he keeps”. It is true that we learn from our friends and they influence our character.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has also mentioned what kind of friends we should have. “The example of a good friend and a bad friend is like that of the seller of musk (a perfume) and the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows. So, as for the seller of musk, then, either he will grant you some or you buy some from him or, at least, you enjoy a pleasant smell from him. As for the one who blows the blacksmith’s bellows, then, he will either burn your clothes or you will get an offensive smell from him.”

Also to keep close friendships with parents and family members is very helpful; parents guide us about what’s wrong or what’s right. Spending time with family and to hear good advises from them and practice them in daily life. Watching good programmes or documentaries, playing any sport and keeping engaged in positive and voluntary activities are good means to remain safe from addictions.

What are the benefits of avoiding addiction?

There is all good when avoiding addictions such as to have good health, can focus on education, save money and resources, remain happy and satisfied, have better career, gain respect in the society; and by adopting a right path we can become an asset to our nation and country and serve our country better.

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