US Embassy Malta: FZL organises Let’s discuss gender: National and International Perspectives

On Tuesday 6th September at the US Embassy a programme titled “Let’s discuss gender: National and International Perspectives” was organised by the Labour Youth Forum (FZL).

Mrs. Tayyibah Taylor, the guest speaker visited from USA, delivered her talk about the “Gender: The International Perspective”. Mrs. Taylor is the chief editor of the Azizah magazine and was named to the 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World list by the Middle Eastern think tank The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies. She has also travelled to many countries and has experienced the situation of women in different societies.

She highlighted many important points regarding gender equality and women’s participation in social matters, and how women can play a greater role in society. She also discussed the case of Mukhtaran Mai, a familiar name to most Pakistanis. In 2002, she was raped by 4 men from a rival tribe as per the decision of local elders in a tribal jirga. The story of the jirga decision is a fascinating tale itself in how our judicial and extra-judicial systems sometimes work in rural Pakistan. She also discussed her struggle for the women’s rights.  Dr. Roberta Lepre, a lawyer by profession discussed the ‘Gender: The National Perspective’.

This was a very informative gathering. It was chaired by Ms. Veronica Barbara, the member of FZL. Mr. Elijah Waterman, the US Embassy Public Affairs Officer, concluded the event with his concluding Remarks.

Mr. Laiq Ahmed Atif, president Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta, Hon. Owen Bonnici, Member of Parliament, and other guests attended the event.

Find more details: Photos-FZL-ONE-News

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