Ahmadiyya condemns Human Rights Violation in Pakistan

Download the English Translation of this leaflet:

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Malta strongly condemns the Human Rights situation in Pakistan. In recent weeks media has reported many incidents of human rights violation and provocative acts in Pakistan; and so-called religious clerics and extremists are spreading hatred throughout the country, which already has caused thousands deaths of innocent people. Some clerics and hardliners are demanding the banning of the Holy Bible[i], in the country. Infamous blasphemy laws are being misused and innocent people are becoming the victims of those laws. Tolerance, freedom of religion and speech is lacking rapidly and extremists are fulfilling their agenda. Provocative and hate campaigns are started against minorities and people of other faiths.

Most recently, a hard-line Islamist “Khatme Nabuwwat” Organization (organization Prophet Hood Seal) in Pakistan has launched a campaign in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan, in order to kill Ahmadi Muslims (the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat). They have been distributing leaflets calling for the murder of Ahmadi Muslims and calling it a real Jihad; and orchestrating a boycott of Ahmadi businesses, doctors, teachers and all prominent members of the community. And they are repeatedly calling the Ahmadi Muslims “Wajib-ul-Qatal” means “liable for death”.

The brochure promotes the open murder of Ahmadis and explains that this is a meritorious act, protective spirit of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) with honor and reward in paradise[ii].

The Asian Human Rights Commission issued a press release under the title Extremists are planning openly to kill hundreds of Ahmadiyys, the government turns a blind eye”, on Saturday, 11th June 2011[iii].

The organization has issued an open letter and published a list of the elite among Ahmadiyya Muslims, ie doctors, teachers and businessmen in Faisalabad. It has motivated, inspired and manipulated the society with the message:

“Wake your conscience! And be fearless, holy warriors of Khatme Nabuwwat, kill the followers of the Ahmadiyya doctrine and get martyr status.”

In Faisalabad, the situation is very unstable and dangerous. No Ahmadi is guaranteed safety or security. Nor the Pakistani government, police or judicial system have issued any official statements on the announcement of the open message that is causing this tremendous fear. Children are afraid to go to school and businessmen are afraid to open their daily businesses.

A few months ago four Ahmadi Muslims were shot dead in Faisalabad because of these types of statements.

The federal government has not taken any effective action to halt and eliminate the extremist activity that continues to undermine the values ​​on which Pakistan was founded on.

Political parties in Pakistan have not shown any signs of confronting religious fanaticism, extremism and violence that has shattered the social and economic fabric of society.

Human Right situation in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the situation of human right is not different from Pakistan. Few months ago some members of the Ahmadiyya Community were killed very brutally[iv]. The government is not taking any positive steps to assure its citizens the freedom of faith and religion; also their safety is not assured[v].

We would like to draw attention to this serious matter, to make it substantially clear to the Pakistani government that this is against the basic human rights, and all the citizens must be given their all basic human rights and depriving them from these rights is clearly against the United Nations Rules and Regulations to which Pakistan is a member state.  So, we can avoid any new massacre of the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as it happened on 28th May 2010, where 86 innocent Ahmadis were killed in Lahore Pakistan, on the basis of their faith.

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5 Responses to Ahmadiyya condemns Human Rights Violation in Pakistan

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  2. The Government of Pakistan has for decades abdicated its responsibility to protect and safeguard the rights of all its citizens regardless of race religion or ethnicity and as a consequence gotten more and more of its population involved into the internecine warfare that plagues almost the whole of it today. Now, Indonesia is following the same path. It seems clear to me that both these countries and their peoples are under the curse of God. All we ccan do is pray that the decent millions living there wake up and take up the cause of restoring law and order and decency and humanity in their own country.

  3. Humanity says:

    It is not surprising that all those satanic people like ‘Majlis Khatme Nabuwwat’ who DO NOT read The Holy Quran try to find an easy way to go to heaven, by murdering someone. Unfortunately they never realize that murder of an innocent person is against the teachings of The Holy Quran and whoso-ever commits this heinous crime is certainly promised by GOD to go to Hell.
    Further, so called constitutional Muslims never realize that GOD is angry with them and punishes them harder with natural disasters each year due to their ill guided actions. (The Holy Quran is full of GOD’s routine to punish the transgressors).
    These ill guided people do not read Holy Quran so they will never realize that it is GOD’s WILL to spread pure Islam again through Promised Messiah and Ahmadiyyat and that “no human has the power to stop GOD’s WILL”. GOD will continue to prosper Ahmadiyyat whether they like it or not.

  4. Ahmadi Muslims know that Divine communities do face persecution. So we r stead fast by His Grace. Pl log on to http://www.ahmadija.org.mt

  5. Luqman Qadir says:


    What a shame they have declared the Real Muslims as Non-Muslims and even then they do not follow the simple few sentences being saiid in Bukhari? What a shame seriously!

    “Whoever hurts a Non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state hurts me, and he who hurts me annoys God.” (Bukhari)

    Too bad, the most of the Mullahs of KN and other aggressive terrorist organisations Mullah’s are using the word of Islam for their self profits, Since the begining of Pakistan till to date, I have not personally seen a single Mullah or a group of Mullah’s contributing in People and Pakistan’s success in a way or the other, other than brain washing young and old against Ahmadi’s, causing pain and trouble across the nation. Which has led to where Pakistan stand’s today, be it its religious, political or economical situation.

    It really upsets me when I see and read online that thousands of Mullah’s are spreading hate via their actions, hand and tongue, by putting display adverts across Republic of Pakistan, which is not allowed by God (His Almighty), which has not been said by Muhammad (PBUH), no where in Sunnah and Hadees, I often wonder, which Islam they follow?

    Killings of Ahmadiyya childrens, women and the rest of peaceful Ahmadiyya individuals, groups and families is totally against what the religion “Islam” is all about.

    Ahmadiyya religion just spreads love, and we will keep on doing it, no matter what it takes, the responsiblity of Ahmadiyya religion and prosperity is in God’s hands, and looking at the current situation and atmosphere across Pakistan, makes me believe these extremist elements are Annoying God in every single possible way

    May Allah keep all Ahmadi’s and all other religions safe from these people in Pakistan and around the globe.

    May Allah show them the right path, Amen!


    Luqman Qadir
    London UK

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