Turn to your Creator

Noor-Ul-Hudah Khan, Lawyer

What we saw last year was nothing short of a global crisis. Not only did we witness an immense loss of life, but also social unrest as well as many individuals suffering from mental health issues.

Allah says in the Holy Quran: “And O my people, ask forgiveness of your Lord, then turn to Him, He will send over you clouds pouring down abundant rain, and will add strength to your strength. And turn not away sinners.” (11:53)

I never thought I would witness a pandemic, a term I never even fully understood until March of last year. Being in London at the height of the pandemic, I saw the world change completely. Despite faces being hidden by masks; the unrest was evident. Despite gloves on the hands of people, the trembles were clearly evident. Some feared for their own life, some feared for the lives of their loved ones and some feared for the economic loss that would inevitably hit them.

It is human nature to sit and make a life plan; but it was 2020 that showed me more than ever before that nothing can go to plan. Allah is the greatest of all planners. However, I find that this is a reality that we humans struggle to accept.

Putting your trust in Allah can be very difficult for someone who doesn’t really understand how to do so. It can be incredibly difficult for those who wish to plan everything and rely on their plans, which most people in this world unfortunately do so. The uncertainty that we have witnessed has shaken us to the core and uncertainty can often lead to anxiety and depression. However, as difficult as it may be, the best way to bring yourself up is to understand that Allah has the best planned for you.

It can even be very difficult to identify the purpose of one’s life, where we see immense loss in every way. It is God the Almighty who has given us a purpose in our lives that is to fulfil the rights of God and His creation. We must respect one another and work to build peace in this world.

In times like this when we cannot even plan for the week ahead, we must turn to our Creator more than ever before because the door of God’s mercy always remains open, even when we find all worldly doors of opportunity closed.

Allah says in the Holy Quran: “…Then He turned to them with mercy that they might turn to Him. Surely, it is Allah Who is Oft-Returning with compassion and is Merciful.”(9:118)

We must open our hearts and minds and follow what God has commanded us to do. At any time during our lives, we just need to “turn to Him”, recognise His presence, place everything in His hands, put our trust in Him, and surely, we will be blessed with His love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and blessings. Click to read this article in Maltese

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