Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah & Mahdias, the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community, writes:

[“He indeed truly prospers who purifies it.” Holy Quran, 91:10]

Meaning, a person who purifies their soul has attained salvation. In other words, one who abstains for the sake of God Almighty, from every kind of self-invented belief, sin, impiety, and from their base desires; who abandons every form of selfish pleasure, preferring hardships in the way of God; who gives precedence to God Almighty, discarding the world along with its luxuries, is truly one who has attained salvation. Then Allah says:

[“And he who corrupts it is ruined.” Holy Quran, 91:11]

One who adulterates their soul and inclines to the earth, is reduced to dust. This single phrase is a summary of all the teachings of the Holy Quran and it expounds the manner in which a person can reach God Almighty.

It is a clear and established fact that until man renounces the misuse of his human faculties, he cannot find God. If you desire to escape the filth of this world and attain communion with God Almighty, then renounce these pleasures. For if not:

[You seek God as well as this wretched world; this is wishful thinking, rather impossible, nay insanity.]

In actuality, human nature is not inherently evil nor is a thing evil in itself; rather, improper use makes it so. Display, for instance, is not bad in itself. For if one performs an action for the sake of God Almighty alone and so that others are moved to perform that good deed as well, then such an exhibition is also virtuous. (Ruhani Khazain V. 20, p. 485-486) – Read in MALTESE

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