Education: The passport to a better future

Musawar Ahmad

Children’s returning to school not only relieves some of the stress on parents, but they also have access to wholesome meals and extracurricular activities like athletics, art and school-outings with a variety of study subjects.

The role of parents and teachers is equally important in the training and education of children. Children’s first teachers are their parents. They give them the love and support they need to grow and develop in a healthy way while also imparting important academic and life skills. The teachers provide them necessary education, professional training, knowledge and understanding.

Back to school

The days but particularly the night before the start of school is always very crucial. Therefore, the parents should celebrate that time together with their children by arranging bags, books and uniform. Following are a few tips for all three stakeholders in the paradigm of learning and understanding.

Tips for the Students

Make a daily routine chart and follow it.

Set up a to-do list. Prepare a list of daily, monthly and yearly objectives. This list of things should contain things like schoolwork, homework, healthy activities such as sports and exercise, exam preparation, and artistic endeavours, etc.

Establish a relaxing, distraction-free study environment. Find a place in your house that is peaceful and tidy where you may sit and do your schoolwork and daily study.

Don’t waste your time. Time management is a crucial life skill that affects our overall achievements; therefore, manage your time well.

Tips for the Parents

An excellent strategy to get kids in the right frame of mind for the forthcoming school year is to encourage them to establish objectives and take responsibility.

It’s highly important to connect with your child’s curriculum and be aware of what they will study and be skilled in, and assist them accordingly.

One of the things that might make the first few days of school challenging is the holiday routine of going to bed late at night and waking up late in the morning. So, change that routine and start adopting the school routine a few days before the start of school.

Even while school days might not be as fun as holidays, that doesn’t mean they have to be depressing or dull. Look for methods to make things enjoyable for your children by having breakfast, reading a book or watching any programme or football match together, or children’s favourite extracurricular activities.

Tips for the Teachers

Getting to know your pupils is very important, so spare some good time during the first week of school to get to know your students well.

If you obtain class rosters in advance, greet students by writing them a quick letter, poster or message expressing your excitement to having them in your class before they walk through your door.

Getting parents on your side at the start of the school year is ideal. Even though there might not be many issues with discipline during the first week of school, you can still contact parents regularly through email to establish a good contact with them.

Make sure students are aware of the rules and expectations for your classroom and start adhering to those standards from day one when you are in the middle of icebreakers and administrative work.

Begin slowly and then gradually increase the load of work so the students can adapt to new routine smoothly.

To conclude, the students, parents and teachers are all the very important stakeholders of providing quality education and training to the future of the nation – meaning children – therefore, everyone should shoulder their responsibility and should try to give their hundred percent, and work hand in hand to make the academic year a wonderful and memorable experience. Read this article in MALTESE

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