The impact of words

I would like to share a story of a king who had a lovely horse. One day, the horse fell sick and there was no chance for recovery, making the king extremely sad who repeatedly enquired about its health. He sent a very high-ranking minister of his to see the horse; he came back and informed the king that his horse had died. The king, who didn’t want to hear such news, flew into rage and severely punished the minister and lowered his rank.

He then sent another minister who was very wise and gentle. Upon returning, he informed the king that there are no signs of pain and the horse is in a state of complete peace and comfort. After a thorough examination of the horse, he said he didn’t hear any voice whatsoever from its chest. The king understood that the horse had died but remained calm and stable due to the selection of the minister’s wise and appropriate words which provided relief, consolation and solace to the king who consequently rewarded his minister for his gentle and wise approach.

This story highlights that words make a difference, and the huge impact words can have. Inappropriate and ill-selected words, even if true, impact a person negatively both physically and emotionally, and sometimes people on the receiving end suffer extremely and some even end up self-harming themselves.

Conversely, wisely chosen words describing the same situation, can resonate positively with others and boost their morale and wellbeing.

So, we must weigh our words properly and always select the right and most appropriate words whenever we speak or write something, because our words have a great impact, so we must think before we speak or write. Read this article in Maltese

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